Smart Shake Shaker Bottle

Rehydrate and Refuel in Style


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Now you can rehydrate and refuel in style. Every SteelFit® Performa PerfectShaker is built to deliver against any demands it will endure.

Features and Benefits

✓ 28 oz. (800 mL)
 Light Weight and Portable
 Extra Wide Mouth
 Screw-On Lid Without Rubber Seal
 Mix, Pour and Store All In the Same Container

What Make’s the SteelFit® PerfectShaker So Perfect?



  • Actionrod Technology
  • 100% Officially Licensed Products
  • 100% Leak Free Guarantee
  • Duraplex Shatter Resistant Plastic
  • 100% BPA Free  Extra Last UV ink
  • Dishwasher Safer